Our member Colin got in touch with some pics of the latest addition to his red coupe. After already getting the Chrome Bug, Colin has gone a stage further with his modifications with the addition of Rear Diffusers fitted under the rear of the car each side of the exhaust system.

The big problem with any bodywork accessory is making it blend in to rest of the car, so that it doesn’t look like an after market accessory any more! These mouldings come in black ABS plastic and although the temptation is to
leave them in this finish, Colin has gone a step further to have them painted to match the red finish perfectly. He purchased the paint himself, and because the colour of our cars contains a high metallic content it cost a whopping £20 for a quarter litre! Having a friend in the business always helps, and here a filler primer was used first to obtain a really smooth finish and it’s clear that this was an excellent job, as they came out like glass.

A number of coats were used before a final coat of lacquer, and it’s probably a good thing that “mate’s rates” were applied on this job!

The diffusers are sold in pairs and come complete with all the fixing screws, plugs, double sided tape and instructions. Colin order his diffusers from his local Mercedes Benz Dealer using Part No C82209208 and cost £192!

CTD in Germany have advertised at €299 plus posting and you will see them on US sites at $199 plus posting and duty. These actually were shipped from Chrysler in Italy were apparently Chrysler parts for Europe are now in Turin. Fitting is very easy as they are pre drilled. You just have to offer them up to the bumper and drill three 8mm holes on each side into the rear under tray. Then attach the parts using the plastic screws and double sided tape.

Colin also advises that while lying on the floor doing the drilling, you also get to clean your chrome exhaust tips! This was a job well done and the Diffusers look as though they came on the car from the factory. Nice job!