The launch of the Chrysler Crossfire in the UK market caused a big stir. Dealers had waiting lists with pre orders being taken at the full list price. Anyone who was anyone wanted to be seen in Crossfire!

Then the BBC’s motoring buffoon Clarkson stepped in, and not surprisingly, given his blinkered view, where if a sports car has the engine in the front, has no rack & pinion steering, and has no prancing horse badge on the bonnet, it can’t be any good! Then typically on a whim, and showing his complete ignorance, calling it a “typical American attempt” at making a sports car. If only I had been there to correct him - the Crossfire was designed by an Englishman, and built by the prestigious German car maker Karmann GMBH using Mercedes engineering.

So, after showing a complete lack of research, he sacrificed the cars reputation as cannon fodder for benefit of light entertainment TV. Who knows whether the words of our favourite car - clown did have an impact on sales. I believe it did, because I’ve lost count of the occasions when folks have said to me “ wow, its a
great looking car, pity it had such a bad write up”

So a maverick was born. For those content to follow the crowd, a wide choice of “me too” products are available to make sure they can blend in. But for those individualists, for those with imagination and an eye for something extra special, the Crossfire finds its welcome home.