By Mike Darby

Many of you may know that during my time with the Club I have been lucky enough to be able to re-unite the two Startechs that Chrysler UK used in 2004 to promote the Crossfire and both cars have been seen in many editorials with the, now, famous aerial shot.
In October 2011 Steve Walsh, the then Leader of the Club, wrote an article which is on the Club website under Owners’ stories. This is the latest on the journey of these two cars.

Our member Colin got in touch with some pics of the latest addition to his red coupe. After already getting the Chrome Bug, Colin has gone a stage further with his modifications with the addition of Rear Diffusers fitted under the rear of the car each side of the exhaust system.

You will have read previously about the “one off” Startech Crossfire which having disappeared for some years then turning up in the hands of our friend Mark in the West Midlands. Mark wanted to restore the car to its former glory but without the facilities and time this never happened. Then the car came onto the market looking for someone to take on this project. This where our friend Mike stepped in – and always being up for a challenge, he went over to see the car. By this time the car was starting to show many signs of wear and tear, together with some damage areas; its condition on close inspection showing Mike that a lot of time and patience was going to be needed to achieve the desired results!

But, recognising the potential to restore this unique car, Mike got out his wallet and after some very serious and lengthy bartering, brought the car home. This is Mike’s story, one of ups and downs, and a few surprises along the way!

The launch of the Chrysler Crossfire in the UK market caused a big stir. Dealers had waiting lists with pre orders being taken at the full list price. Anyone who was anyone wanted to be seen in Crossfire!

I suppose that before I start I had better put my cards on the table – I don’t own the Crossfire; it is my wife Janice’s car. I don’t drive it very often and have never been overly fussy about my cars – they are there to do a job as far as I am concerned. I put my mechanical passion into things on two wheels. So, upon attending the postponed Christmas Lunch, my conscience was pricked by Ken with his opening gambit of “Now where is this newsletter article you promised?”