Due to the continued growth of our group, now with over 400 Crossfires owners involved, we believe the time has come to create a recognized motor club for owners of the Chrysler Crossfire. We believe this will promote an increased interest in our much loved cars, and provide a focal point for owners and enthusiasts far into the future. The new club will be known as the "UK Crossfires Club". The format of the club will continue largely as it has done previously, but with the additional benefit of a robust structure, and a professional approach to the organisation of all our activities, along with some proactive marketing to raise the profile of the club and build future membership.

Most importantly, the club will belong to its members and the organisers will be very active in seeking the input from its members and their inspiration to help steer the Club along the right route. For those owners wishing to become a member, an annual membership fee of £25 per car will be payable each calendar year. The funding produced will enable an improvement in the quality of our meets and provide for a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Members will receive a membership pack and have access to the services that the Club will provide. The full details of the membership package will be explained in the club membership application form which will be emailed out to our current contact list and also be downloadable from the web site.

We plan to be fully operational by the date of our first meet at Coventry Transport Museum on 16th March.

The feedback received from the recent member’s survey was extremely positive and I'm sure that many owners will be pleased to see that this bold step forward has been taken to help secure the future for our cars, and sincerely hope they will take up official membership of the UK Crossfires Club. Please look out for further detailed information about our new club and the membership application form in your inbox soon!