As our little group continues to grow into a bigger group, we have been discussing what we need to do to take group to the next level. Inevitably to carry on building our group we need to become better organised, and more professional in the way we do things. We have learned a lot from attending other car club meets and gained some ideas about how we can continue to develop. As you know, officially, we are not a club, and we have no membership fees to pay. While this is our preferred way of operating, thus avoiding the formalities of a legally established club, it means we have no income and this obviously puts a big hurdle in the way of progress.

We are committed to the future of the group, helping it to develop and seeing its profile raised. So, to give the group more exposure we have decided to purchase a pair of Sail Banners showing the UK Crossfires name, logo, and web address etc, to use at the meets; and this will help to promote our group very effectively, putting us on a par with other clubs.



As the cost of the banners is just over £400, we launched the UK Crossfires fundraising drive at the Castle Coomb meet, where I explained our fund-raising plans to those attending. We had hoped that we might encourage the members present to donate a couple of one pound coins, just to start the ball rolling – But, I was literally stunned to receive a total of £180, this far exceeding my greatest expectations! So, my sincere heartfelt thanks go to all for their kind generosity; such support is a fantastic reward and encouragement for the efforts that go into organising the group!!

The Fundraising now continues towards our target of £400 and we will be accepting voluntary donations of any size at the meets or by post. We will be providing an account of our fundraising and expenditure later in the year so you can see what we have been doing with the money!

The Meets

The growth of the meets has been reflected in the growing number of UK Crossfire owners now on our emailing list, currently standing at 104. We receive enquiries from mainly new owners via the website and these are automatically added to the mailing list. The trend is that as the cars become more accessible to the enthusiast as values drop, the more new owners find us. So, we pick up our new contacts mainly when the cars change hands! Our programme of Crossfire meets has been very successful with attendance numbers still growing steadily. We have had 16 cars in attendance at Chatsworth and Castle Coomb, so the new target is to reach 20! It does not seem that long ago that our target was 10!