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The latest news about UK Crossfires.

Due to the continued growth of our group, now with over 400 Crossfires owners involved, we believe the time has come to create a recognized motor club for owners of the Chrysler Crossfire. We believe this will promote an increased interest in our much loved cars, and provide a focal point for owners and enthusiasts far into the future. The new club will be known as the "UK Crossfires Club". The format of the club will continue largely as it has done previously, but with the additional benefit of a robust structure, and a professional approach to the organisation of all our activities, along with some proactive marketing to raise the profile of the club and build future membership.

The UK Crossfires web site has recently undergone an upgrade. You probably won’t notice much difference, but the software underpinning it all is newer, shinier and (hopefully) more efficient.

A few things have changed because of this upgrade. Most notably the photo gallery and the RSS feed. The Gallery is a bit more efficient, especially from the administration side. The RSS feed is also different. If you are using the RSS feed, please update your software to use this URL:

That will help keep you up to date. Don’t forget that we are also on Twitter - @ukcrossfires and FaceBook at - don’t forget to join us there too!

As our little group continues to grow into a bigger group, we have been discussing what we need to do to take group to the next level. Inevitably to carry on building our group we need to become better organised, and more professional in the way we do things. We have learned a lot from attending other car club meets and gained some ideas about how we can continue to develop. As you know, officially, we are not a club, and we have no membership fees to pay. While this is our preferred way of operating, thus avoiding the formalities of a legally established club, it means we have no income and this obviously puts a big hurdle in the way of progress.

We are committed to the future of the group, helping it to develop and seeing its profile raised. So, to give the group more exposure we have decided to purchase a pair of Sail Banners showing the UK Crossfires name, logo, and web address etc, to use at the meets; and this will help to promote our group very effectively, putting us on a par with other clubs.


It can be said that one reason for buying a Crossfire can be given in one word: “Batmobile” - and in my case (and possibly a few others), you would be right.

So it seems only fair to take a look at Bruce Wayne’s other car.

We are proud to launch our web site for drivers of the Chrysler Crossfire in the UK.