Accessories and Tuning For Your Crossfire

Under the watchful eye of Chrysler, Karmann GMBH equipped the Crossfire with a host of creature comforts and useful features. Ever faithful to its Mercedes lineage, the Crossfire gives an air of quality. The unique styling makes a big statement – and Porsche owners avoid parking too close for fear of looking like yesterdays news!


startech crossfireBack in 2004 the Chrysler Crossfire was the new kid on the block, its stunning looks were still the talk of the town and the car was on the wish list of sports car lovers far and wide. Even those lucky enough to be able to pay the £26K price tag had to be patient, as a waiting list meant that demand had out stripped supply since the late 2003 launch date.

Meanwhile, over in Germany, the well respected tuning and accessory manufacturer Brabus GMBH was busy developing a range of styling and performance modifications for the Crossfire. After many years of close association with Mercedes Benz, the Crossfire had naturally come to the attention of the Brabus technicians and the car became the latest subject for their attention.

On Dec 29, 2000 - The Chrysler Crossfire concept car was unveiled at the 2001 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Chrysler said “The Crossfire fuses classic European proportions and handling attributes with the muscle and character of an American performance car”.

When an American car maker decided to produce an exciting new sports car they chose an Englishman to design it, Mercedes Benz for the Parts and the Karmann factory to build it – the result was the Chrysler Crossfire!

Crossfire ownership is now easier than ever since second hand car values dropped over the last couple of years. A well looked after used Crossfire can now be found for the price of a small family car of similar age. Like any vehicle, care is needed when buying a used example, and through the experiences gained from many Crossfire owners, we have identified the features of the car which need checking out prior to buying. See our Buyer’s Top Tips section.