Accessories and Tuning For Your Crossfire

Under the watchful eye of Chrysler, Karmann GMBH equipped the Crossfire with a host of creature comforts and useful features. Ever faithful to its Mercedes lineage, the Crossfire gives an air of quality. The unique styling makes a big statement – and Porsche owners avoid parking too close for fear of looking like yesterdays news!



You will know when you’re “Caught in the Crossfire”. When you spend more time with your car than with your family and, after ridiculous amounts of time spent polishing, your car sits shining on the driveway as you gaze in awe. When you spend all your money on your Crossfire, rather than buying food – your obsession is out of control! But in time to come you will want even more; to add that extra sparkle to make your Crossfire stand out and the only way to feed your habit is to treat your car to a few special extras.

When the car was new to the market the well respected German tuning company Brabus stepped in and gave us the Startech range of goodies and anyone who likes a little “bling” is in good company here. The Startech range was originally distributed through the UK Chrysler dealer network, hence, prices then were very high and sales were very low! When the new cars were no longer seen in the dealer showroom, the Startech accessories faded away. Stock was sold off in “dealers close out” sales and the product is now very scarce in the UK, leaving Crossfire owners between a rock and a hard place. In the USA (the world’s biggest car market) things were different. Accessories sold well and with around 90% of the entire Crossfire production going to the states, the aftermarket opportunity was big. Other manufacturers soon filled the gap with similar offerings.

So Crossfire parts are on the shelf, and accessible to UK owners who are willing to pick up the carriage charges. Using tough polycarbonate with a quality Chrome finish, the exterior mods on offer include a lavish chrome front grill, matching side strakes; windscreen surround and door handle covers. These “shiny bits” definitely lift the car and give it that “show – car” look. Other more adventurous mods include the Rear Diffuser and Illuminated Sill Covers. Turning to the interior, the theme continues. A wide range of easy fit chrome embellishments are ready to give some bling to all your switches, buttons and dials. These are simple adhesive trim pieces that stick over the existing fittings to give more of that important bling. All are quality made, available separately and priced sensibly. An effective supply route can be found via Check out these guys!


A great car deserves a good set of mats and for the Crossfire there’s only one way to do it. Get your hands on some original factory mats complete with Chrysler wings. There are available in Grey, Black or Fawn for a perfect match and give your interior real luxury feel. Another item which many owners regard essential for both security and looks is the retractable luggage cover for the boot area. The big rear window gives nosey parkers a clear view of your possessions which can be a worry. The cover simply rolls out and attaches at the back to keep out preying eyes, and definitely looks good. Expect these to be a little expensive, but a good investment.

For those Crossfire fanatics beyond rescue, an upgrade to a new set of alloy wheels may offer some relief. The wheel range available is quite limited due to sizes and offset; the fitting is Mercedes 5 x 112 and great care must be taken over the correct sizes to avoid rubbing bodywork and suspension. The use of spacers is not advised on a high performance car due to the dangers of loosening. Professional advice is recommended but often hard to find. But advice is available through this site, as we have researched this subject in some depth. A highly respected supplier is this field is R–Tec Auto Design at St Albans, Herts. They supplied the Vertini wheels pictured which are both larger and wider than standard fitting. Check them out Alloy wheels must be quality made and rated for the speed capability of the car. Beware of cheap alloys which can shatter at high speed. Again, careful selection of tyres for correct loading and speed rating, as per original factory equipment is vital.

Due to the very tame exhaust note given by the standard set up, a sports exhaust may also be on your list. The example shown below is the Startech option, but others available include the Magna Flow and Borla systems which are available in the UK. Apart from a claimed increase in performance, these systems do give the car a more sporty sound. Replacement systems tend to be just the rear half, making them an easy DIY fit without interfering with catalytic converters. Due to the use of stainless steel, you can expect to spend a tidy sum!

Under the bonnet there are lots of options – any engine mods for the Mercedes SLK320 will fit. Most popular are upgraded air intakes, air filters and for a real performance boost, and engine remap, some owners also prefer the look of the Mercedes engine cover under the bonnet! For a detailed look at what is available check out or

Follow our link to CICCI at On the homepage you will see a selection of suppliers of Crossfire performance and accessories. Members of the Crossfire International Car Club can get discounts from these suppliers. This is just a snap shot of what is available for the Crossfire. The list of options goes on, giving the opportunity to personalise your car in a very stylish way. Any of the items featured here can be fitted by the DIY minded owner, and advice is always readily available through this web site if needed.