When an American car maker decided to produce an exciting new sports car they chose an Englishman to design it, Mercedes Benz for the Parts and the Karmann factory to build it – the result was the Chrysler Crossfire!



When launched on 15th November 2003 the car was met with amazement by both public and media. The stunning looks were sure to make an impact and the result was a waiting list of 2 years. Based on the running gear and engine from Mercedes SLK 320 the job of building the cars went to the prestigious German manufacturer Karmann, whose pedigree is well established in motor vehicle technology, quality and prestige. They also produced the Karmann Ghia Coupe & Cabriolet the most beautiful bodies ever to adorn a VW chassis.

Any two seater has obvious space limitations, but generous boot space means the car can be used for daily transport without problems. With the option of manual or Triptronic auto gearbox, the car is comfortable around town as it is on the open road and will give many years of pleasure to its owner. The car is quite small with a tight turning circle; this combined with power steering makes the car easy to park. Although care should be taken not to catch the alloy wheel rims on high curbs.

In the cockpit the facilities are 1st class – the MB climate control system is superb with separate settings for driver and passenger. Storage is ample with space in the centre consul and a generous lockable glove box. High quality leather seats are standard and these are electrically adjustable and heated. The controls are all MB and provide a feel of quality and reliability.


The mechanical and electrical parts used in the Crossfire come from the Mercedes SLK320. This is one of Mercedes Benz most successful engines and gearboxes which have served over the years in various MB models. Although some have said that this engine is not as sophisticated as some of its newer competitors, its strength and reliability has long been established. With routine servicing and normal use, the engine and gearbox will out last the life of the car without fuss.


The cars on board management system will decide, according to your driving style, your service intervals. These are indicated by a dash display.

This will be around every 10K miles and alternate between basic and full services, shown as either 1 or 2 spanners in the dash display unit.

Chrysler Main Dealer Servicing

Prices can vary from dealer to dealer so get a quote first. You can purchase your own (Mobil 1) oil and take it with you when you drop the car off; this can be ordered on line and save you money. Check the car over before you go and notify any warranty work needed. The general cost of servicing the Crossfire is no more than the average family car. Mechanical are MB and readily available at very reasonable prices. There is no obligation to use a “main dealer” for servicing and warranty work so long as you use a reputable garage.

DIY Servicing

Once the 3 year warranty has expired you may wish to service the car yourself. The Crossfire is an easy car to work on and no special tools are required for routine servicing. The service book in the car lists the service schedule and all parts are readily available. A full service can be done for under £100. The workshop and parts manuals are viewable on