Did you know that 2013 is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Crossfire? It’s amazing that these cars have been on our roads for so long and as the only club in the UK representing the marque, it’s our duty to celebrate the occasion with a meet dedicated to this milestone.

The Chrysler Crossfire was officially unveiled on the 15th November 2003 at a Chrysler UK press day. Both manual and auto versions were displayed and motoring journalists were keen to try the cars, especially after all the hype that had surrounded the cars since the pre-launch photos had whipped up some hysteria in the market. The first batch of 350 cars was pre sold at list price to those lucky enough to put their names on a waiting list.

Simon Elliott, Managing Director of Chrysler and Jeep in the UK, at the time, said: "I’m really excited that the first Crossfire has come off the production line but I’m especially pleased for the 350 or so customers who have already put pen to paper and ordered this fantastic vehicle. The Crossfire is a great car that’s not far away now, and I am convinced that our order books will soon be full."

One new owner was celebrity Jonathan Ross who told UK Crossfires via Twitter that he had “loved the cars looks, but was disappointed with the plastic silver interior”. I wonder where the Cwossfire is now?

The Crossfire was built around the Mercedes Benz SLK platform, and Karmann made a good job of shoehorning a Sports Coupe into a convertible platform. The advantage to Chrysler was that they could bring the car from concept stage to production in less than two years, which is no mean feat. The German built Crossfire was bound to cause a stir back then and will continue to do so long into the future.

On Sept 22nd September 2013 we will be attending the Gaydon Autumn Classic Car Rally, Incorporating “The 10th Anniversary of the Crossfire” We are hopeful that members will make a special effort to support this unique event. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see 20 on parade here!