Back in the summer of 2007 I finally got my dream car – an Aero Blue Crossfire Coupe. Little did I realise this was only the start of a journey which would lead me to meet new friends, both locally, and across the globe, where distance is no barrier when it comes to sharing our enthusiasm for this little known car. After finding a handful of other owners through a forum, we arranged to meet one Christmas on cold snowy day at a Motorway Service area, and just six cars turned up. From that first meet the group has evolved. Along the way, some folks have drifted, and some new folks have joined us. Of course a few “die hards” are still in it for the long haul!

The UK Crossfire meets started in the spring of 2008, and now in their 3rd year are becoming more popular than ever. We kept in contact via a forum and used it to spread the word. Our venues were carefully chosen to include places of interest both to us “car buffs” and to the many wives and girlfriends that came along. We visited Stately Homes, Motor Museums and areas of natural beauty; often including a “Crossfire Cruise”. Numbers were always small with our biggest attendance drawing 13 Crossfires!

Even in the early days, there was often talk of starting a Club, and while the idea sounded exciting, we decided that our low numbers just didn’t justify the idea. But our little community continued to flourish on an informal basis and many great friendships have come our way. We got a wake up call when the forum we depended on started to fall apart, and one of our group, Paul Dunning acted quickly to set up our website The site is now growing into the UK home for all things Crossfire, and as it continues to grow, receives regular enquiries. Why not check it out and give us some feedback.

Many owners ask if we will ever become a club, but the answer is simple. There will always be those folks who prefer not to join a club straight away, needing a little time to think it over. Those folks are always welcome in the UK Crossfire community. And for those who are ready to enjoy the camaraderie of club membership, and all the benefits it has to offer, we are here in the UK to facilitate CICCI membership. The site features a club profile and promotes membership, offering representation in the UK for CICCI and its services to the international Crossfire community. We are now working on our first CICCI event in the UK which provides the opportunity to fly the CICCI flag high on the mast and gain some new UK members!

Today our meets are have become firm calendar dates for many owners who come from all parts of the country, and from all walks of life. The cars are often the topic of conversation – but we do our best to provide something for everyone. Everyone is assured of a warm welcome at a UK Crossfire meet!

Stephen Walsh
Steve - UK