Did you know that 2013 is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Crossfire? It’s amazing that these cars have been on our roads for so long and as the only club in the UK representing the marque, it’s our duty to celebrate the occasion with a meet dedicated to this milestone.

The question has often been asked “just how many Chrysler Crossfires were produced, and how many came into the UK?” Well for those inquisitive minds, here are the numbers for the UK which include all Coupé, Roadster and SRT models:

Gary Wemple, one of our friends in the USA, has posted a video on the Crossfire Concept car at the Chrysler Museum on You Tube. Click on Read More to see it.

We all know that the Crossfire was born from a rather wild looking concept car, but what would have followed had Chrysler decided that a sports coupé was a worthy product line to continue with?

The Firepower is likely to have been pitched as the Crossfire’s sucessor, and it’s a shame that they never took it to production.

Chrysler Firepower

Find out more about this stunning car here…

It’s well worth looking through Chrysler’s concept cars on this site. Concepts indicate what car makers are thinking about, as well as the kind of direction they would like to take. On some occasions, a concept moves to production, and the roads look all the better for it.

We have to remember that as well as the Crossfire, the PT Cruiser and the 300C were all concept cars which made the leap to production.

Back in the summer of 2007 I finally got my dream car – an Aero Blue Crossfire Coupe. Little did I realise this was only the start of a journey which would lead me to meet new friends, both locally, and across the globe, where distance is no barrier when it comes to sharing our enthusiasm for this little known car. After finding a handful of other owners through a forum, we arranged to meet one Christmas on cold snowy day at a Motorway Service area, and just six cars turned up. From that first meet the group has evolved. Along the way, some folks have drifted, and some new folks have joined us. Of course a few “die hards” are still in it for the long haul!