Club Aims

The UK Crossfires Club has been established since 2008 to encourage interest in the Chrysler Crossfire and provide a focal point for owners throughout the United Kingdom for the long term. The club aims to provide, where ever possible, assistance to its members with advice about any aspect of owning and running their Crossfire. This will include technical advice about the car, and advice about repairs and servicing. The club will use its links where ever possible to negotiate discounts for members. The Club will use Newsletters and Email to keep members briefed about club activities, meets and any other information of interest about the Chrysler Crossfire. While an appreciation of the Chrysler Crossfire is our collective interest, an equally important feature of UK Crossfires Club membership is the social side of club. The club organises several events for its members through the year, held at a wide range of geographic locations. The Crossfire Meets aim to provide a wide range venues which cater for various interests, whether it be a Motor Museum, Car Club event or Stately Home and an opportunity to meet other members and make new friends along the way. Though the Crossfire meets are for the club’s members, any prospective member is encouraged to attend as a “taster” and once having met other owners and enjoyed the day, complete a membership application form if they wish.

Membership Rules

Members are encouraged to raise any issues with the club's organisers at any time, both verbally and in writing. Any members who choose to bring the club into disrepute, or who openly direct derogatory remarks of a personal nature at any other club members, or club organisers will not be tolerated. Any report of such an occurrence to the club organisers will be treated seriously and will be investigated. If a report is deemed by the club organisers to be founded, the offending member will receive a warning (either in person or by email). If the club organisers are then made aware of a further offence, the offending person will be advised (either in person or by email) and membership will be revoked for life with no refund of any unused membership fees. Members have the right to appeal following the report of offences to the club organisers. Any decision of the club organisers because of any such appeal will be deemed final.

Please refer to the Club’s Constitution for further information.

Club Membership Applications
Becoming a member, or renewing your membership, of the UK Crossfires Club is easy just by following the instructions given in the Club web site Membership includes immediate family, and covers a 12 month period from the January of each year. A renewal email reminder or written reminder will be sent to your registered electronic or postal address. Once your membership application has been completed and submitted with your annual membership fee, you will be sent your Club Membership Card which will show your membership number. There is a space on the back for your signature. You will also receive a Members Disk to display in your windscreen.

Membership is payable annually at any time of the year and covers a period of 12 months from 1st January to 31st December each year. The cost of membership is £20.00. Membership applications can be completed at Crossfire Meets or can be completed on the club web site:

Contact Information
Postal Address:
UK Crossfires Club
c/o 54 Lingfield Road, Norton Canes, Cannock Staffs WS11 9FJ

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Club Officials
The club officials may carry out a number of functions in running the club. Please contact us at any time using the above email address.

Michael Darby – Chairman and Treasurer

Paul Gough - Secretary

Paul Dunning – Website Manager

Anne E. Roberts – Facebook Moderator

Geoff Hooker – Technical Support Manager