We’ve taken our cars to various places around the country. Here is a list of meets and events that we have been to in the past.

It’s a couple of years since we visited Chatsworth, and after a great meet there previously, we were overdue a re visit. As before, this meet ended up being a weekend event with 8 Crossfires arriving on the Saturday!


The day started with six Crossfires heading to the meeting point at Woburn where some 200 cars of every pedigree had met. Some vintage and very rare classics where joined by the full range of Ferraris, Astons, Jaguars, Porsches. It was nice to have other drivers of such exotic cars come over and ask about the Crossfires. One portly chap squeezed himself out his F40 and came over to say “Wow what a great looking car mate, what is it!?” If only he knew the value of my car wouldn’t cover the cost of his annual servicing bills! Our Crossfires certainly held their own, parked with so many supercars!

11 Crossfires landed at Hendon for our first meet at this fantastic location. Hendon is famous as the Museum of the Royal Air Force and the splendid exhibits span its history from the earliest flying machines, through to the latest Euro Fighter.

Once again, we started the season with our traditional meet at the Ace Café at the invitation of our friends with the PT Cruisers.

Many Thanks!

To everyone for joining us at Burford - and for helping to make it such an enjoyable time! It was great see everyone there, and also welcome those who were at their first Crossfire meet, we hope we haven't put you off coming again!