We’ve taken our cars to various places around the country. Here is a list of meets and events that we have been to in the past.


This was a second visit to the Cliffhanger Cafe with 17 cars attending on a beautiful sunny day with great views of the Isle of Wight and the Needles.

After meeting in the car park, we made our way to the Cafe where we had a good old chat and lunch in our own area in the conservatory. The staff were very attentive, and all went well.


Having attended this event for the first time in 2017 UK Crossfires Club returned again this year.


Another popular event for the club on a fabulous sunny day.

With a little bit of discussion, we agreed to relocate from the “club” area and created our own display with 13 cars attending.


This is the first time we have attended this event and 5 owners enjoyed a wonderful sunny day watching all manner of cars taking to the hill.


This firm favourite of club members another great turnout of 23 cars on the day.

After the terrible organisation of 2017 the system of pre-booking worked well, well it did after the organisers got their act together!