We’ve taken our cars to various places around the country. Here is a list of meets and events that we have been to in the past.

Well what a grand day! 21 cars, sunshine and fantastic people.

Apart from a couple of hiccups on entrance fee costs all the owners had a wonderful day at this, our most popular venue.

Another first for the club attending this event.

Five cars attended and we met 3 other owners who are keen to join the club, so a very successful day.

This event in the heart of Cornwall was attended by one member who lives in the area. It was expected that 4 cars would be attending in total but unfortunately this was not the case.

The committee have tried to respond to requests for more localevents but clearly this is an area too far for many to attend.

Big thanks to David Watson for flying the flag. 

Another first for the club in Somerset.

Unfortunately, only 3 cars made the trip, one a very new member having only bought his car on the previous Tuesday. Welcome to the club Nigel Wordsworth.

The day was very hot with little breeze but that did not deter many visitors and a good range of cars with many car clubs having inside display areas. However, they are used as cattle sheds during the year so the aroma was…. well healthy?

This is the first time the club has attended this event on the recommendation of our member Mel Pike.

25 members and partners met on the day with 13 cars with us all being able to park together in the adjoining public car park to the Café. 

The day was hot, sunny and windy and the location gave us all a wonderful of the Dorset coastline and the sea.