Every year, we plan a series of events that run from April all the way through to October. These range from track days to visits to stately homes and motoring events. We also like to look for the more unusual and interesting places which we hope will be of interest to Crossfire owners.

The aim is to get together, admire the cars and have a good time. This part of the site tells you about upcoming events, as well as those we have had in the past. We’ve been active for a good few years now, and our band of Crossfire owners are welcomed wherever we take them!

Recent Government guidelines inresponse to the ongoing Coronavirus  pandemic means that we are suspending club meetings and events for the foreseeable future.  We will be revisitng this position when the situation improves.

Until then, we thank you for your continued support, and we wish you well. Stay safe!

We have been trying hard to develop the meets, choosing the right geographic locations convenient for as many people as possible, and to find venues which will provide the variety needed to keep interest. But of course this is always going to be a compromise, and some travelling is always going to be needed in order to attend all the meets. But on the up-side this has given many of us the excuse to make a weekend of it, staying over in the area and getting together for a nice meal on the Saturday evening!

We’ve taken our cars to various places around the country. Here is a list of meets and events that we have been to in the past.